Current Taxi is a taxi service operating in the Regional District of the Central Okanagan. This service
uses only fully electric vehicles and operates on a strict standard of sustainability through technology.
The service of booking the service is offered through a mobile app, a website and direct contact with
the dispatch office. Communication is offered through various platforms including text, social media,
email and phone. If you require further information on our services, please contact the dispatch office
at 250-864-8294(TAXI) or email at
Agreeing with these terms and conditions, you as a client have rights to accessing the Current Taxi
app on your personal device, access our website at www.currenttaxi.ca, access to promotional
material and any information provided through this service. As such, you will also have rights to using
the taxi services available.
All services are subject to availability and provided to you as is without warranty or guarantee.
Once you use any of the services outlined above or enter a designated Current Taxi vehicle for the
purpose of using the service, you will become a customer and will be deemed to have accepted these
Terms. If you do not agree with the Terms or expectations of behaviour, you should stop using the
In BC, there is a document called Taxi Bill of Rights. The following is taken directly from the web
https://www.taxirights.gov.bc.ca/passengers.html. You are encouraged to visit this site for
more information about the rules and regulations of the Taxi industry.
As a customer of Current Taxi, you agree that all information you provide to use our service is
accurate, true, and up to date. Please contact us if you need to correct or change any details.
As a customer of Current Taxi, when you are using our services, you agree:
You will not penetrate the services in an attempt to disrupt or access information to
unlawfully disrupt security measures.
To not transfer files that contain viruses or other harmful programs into any of our programs
or computers or technology.
You assume all risks associated with sharing your account with others.
You will not defame the name of Current Taxi by doing anything which could damage the
reputation of Current Taxi through media, social media, print, publicly or anything of the
That the services provided to you are not used for any unlawful or dangerous purpose.
That you will not willfully cause any damage to the vehicle or its contents.
That you will not cause harm to any of Current Taxi’s employees or affiliates through
physical, emotional, bullying, harassment, threats or abuse for any reason.
You will not cause harm in any way to any person inside or outside the vehicle.
You will refrain from doing anything to damage Current Taxi’s reputation.
You will refrain from doing anything to risk the safety of the public, the driver and yourself.
If asked to provide proof of identity, you do so to ensure the safety of our drivers.
If you have any complaints about your service, you agree that you will contact Current Taxi
directly and not try to resolve disputes with the driver. Drivers are not permitted or
encouraged to get into any altercations with customers.
That all photographs, reviews, texts, written statements and social media posts can be
used by Current Taxi for promotional material in a respectful and positive manner.
To compensate and defend Current Taxi and its employees against any claims or legal
proceedings brought against us by another party as a result of your breaching these terms.
When you register your credit card with Current Taxi, you agree that your credit card will be
automatically charged each time you complete a ride.
Once your ride is completed, your credit card on file will be automatically charged and is
Gratuities are not included in the price of the ride and is an option to the passenger to
include after the completion of a ride.
You agree to make payment fully as communicated to you by the driver and the dispatch
You agree to pay Current Taxi a fee of $75-$150 for any spillage or excessive clean-up
caused by you while in the vehicle.
You agree to pay a service fee of $5 if bringing a pet into the vehicle; this does not apply to
service animals. A cleaning fee, as stated above, may be charged instead of this service
fee if any large messes occur that require excessive clean up.
You agree to use an approved 5-point infant/toddler car seat for an infant or toddler 40lbs
or under. You may choose to use the company-provided car seat for a $10 service fee or
provide your own approved seat at no charge. The requirement for the Company provided
car seat must be communicated in advance of the ride so that the Driver can pick up and
properly install the car seat.
You agree to use a booster seat for all children over 40lbs, under 4’9” and/or 9 years old at
no charge. Current has 1 booster seat in each vehicle, the requirement for more than one
booster seat must be communicated in advance so the Driver can pick up the extra seat.
Guests may provide their own car seat/booster seat at no charge.
Current will not transport children, infants or toddlers without a proper, approved car or
booster seat. If regulations change regarding weight or age for car seats, those regulations
will supersede the above requirements.
You agree to pay all tolls, airport fees, ferry costs or any additional highway costs on-route
of your chosen destination.
You will be charged at cost for any damages caused by you to the vehicle or its contents.
If any terms are violated, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to
services offered by Current Taxi without notice.
You may terminate your agreement with Current Taxi at any time by stopping using the
service, if you choose to cancel your registration you may reach out to
to initiate the process.
Nothing in these terms or the privacy statement supersedes any of your legal rights.
We do our best to return anything left in the car, but we are not responsible to compensate
for any personal items left or lost in the car if not found by the driver and agree that it is
your responsibility to leave nothing behind.
Upmost care will always be taken with your personal belongings and baggage; however,
we are not responsible for any damage to baggage.
Our services are provided by third-party developers who have access to some of your
information for the services to work.
You understand that the Internet is not a secure medium where privacy is guaranteed,
personal and payment information is vulnerable, and we will not be responsible for any
liability that comes from a breach in confidentiality or security. All reasonable processes are
in place to avoid any breach of security including strict security features provided by our
digital partners.